Trendy Copenhagen

Our story

Welcome to Trendy Copenhagen!

We are a contemporary fashion brand that specialises in fine jewellery and fashion jewellery, providing you with a one-stop-shop for all your accessory needs.


Each piece of jewellery is defined by you. You might buy a necklace because it reminds you of a holiday with friends, or you might purchase a ring that reminds you of one that your grandmother had. Each piece of jewellery is defined by you and holds a meaning that is unique to your point of view.


With our fine jewellery range, you can invest in special pieces that you will want to hand down through the generations, or to give to someone that you love to mark a milestone or special occasion. Each piece can be a part of your life for years to come and be an investment in your wardrobe. 


Imagine buying a fine jewellery piece today and keeping it safe for the next generation, and then handing it down to your daughter or granddaughter to wear one day.


Our fine jewellery collection is crafted using pure 925 silver, with 18 or 22ct gold plating or rhodium plating depending on the piece, and our fine jewellery is sourced from Italy and Poland. Whether you want to buy a piece of jewellery for a special occasion, or something to wear every day, our curated collection of fine jewellery has something to offer everyone.


At an affordable price point, our fashion jewellery pieces are sourced from the UK and China, giving you an extensive range of on-trend accessories to choose from.


As a new fashion brand, we are excited to be expanding our presence in Denmark and across Europe. In the coming months, Trendy Copenhagen will be expanding our product range to include handbags and cosmetics. Check back to our website regularly to stay up-to-date with our newest releases.


You can shop our extensive product range through the websites below, depending on your location:

Our Mission

In 2020, we established Trendy Copenhagen with the mission to provide women with the ability to express themselves and their personality through jewellery. We believe that each piece of jewellery represents something unique to every woman and that it reflects our imagination and what we hold dear.

Our Motto

Our motto is “defined by you”, as we believe that jewellery is an expression of your personality and that every piece of jewellery holds a different and significant meaning to each person. Jewellery can spark joy and reconnect us to our past or represent our future. Each piece of jewellery is defined by you.

Our Credo

At Trendy Copenhagen, we think that beautiful pieces of jewellery should be accessible to everyone, regardless of the price tag. This belief in affordable jewellery is why we are also passionate about our fashion jewellery range