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The jewelry is a product, that highlights the beauty of the person who wears it. This tiny trifle which makes us feel extraordinary needs a special treatment.
To prolong the beauty of the silver, there are several rules of caring for it and wearing it that should be followed. First of all, we should try to keep
away our jewellery from the tap water, as well as a lake or sea water. Macro and micro elements contained in the water can adversely affect the condition of
the jewellery. With the regular contact with water, the jewellery loses their shine, and also it can gradually decolourize. This applies especially to
jewellery made of natural pearls and pearl mass, that is very vulnerable. It should be kept in mind, to take off jewellery before taking shower and washing

Detergents used for cleaning dishes or laundry affect the surface of the jewellery. It also applies to hair & body cosmetics, perfumes and deodorants. The
ingredients of chemicals are usually the cause of discolouration of jewellery, or the skin in place in which, it contacts with the jewellery. Often the
jewellery is not made of pure precious metals but their alloys, which unfortunately may react with other chemical substances. Furthermore, detergents
and cosmetics might cause tarnishing of zircons, as well as natural and lab created gems.

The advantage of the jewellery made of 925 silver is the fact that it contains up to 92,5% of silver in the metal alloy. This is common and frequently available
fineness of silver used to produce jewellery. 925 silver is a very plastic material, so it is good to know, that the jewellery may become deformed, so we
advice to wear it only for special occasions. This is not the jewellery meant to be worn every day. Most jewellery available on the market is made of this
925 alloy of silver. The most products are very tiny and delicate, often with lots of zircons. Such a jewellery requires special precaution while wearing it.
Particular care should be taken in case of thin rings and necklaces.